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Kyra Freestar
Kyra Freestar

Hi all,

I just received a last-minute request that I cannot accommodate. If you are interested/available for the project below, please email me ( and I will connect you with the potential client.

Note: This client was referred to me by one of my ongoing clients (they work in the same department), and I would have been delighted except for the impossible-for-me deadline. For now, I have only the information in her initial email and faculty profile:

- R01 proposal, for submission for the Feb. 5 NIH deadline

- Editing requested January 16–30

- Topic area, biomedical engineering/health sciences: “I am a chemical and biological engineer focused on understanding and optimizing complex dynamic systems through a wide array of mathematical, statistical, computational and network approaches. Broadly, I have a great interest in dynamic biological processes, especially those with applications in women’s health.” (I know you all are probably as busy as I am or more, but just in case someone is available!) Kyra


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