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Websites for Scientific Writing

American Medical Association Manual of Style

  • Especially Section 5 - Technical Info (includes info on editing and proofreading) + Section 2 - Style (includes info on grammar, punctuation). 


American Medical Writers Association workbooks

  • Great resources for scientific writing


American Medical Writiers Association engage platform

  • Members only.


The Science of Scientific Writing by George Gopen & Judith Swan

  • In many ways related to the guidance of Elements of Style or On Writing Well, but using different language. 

  • This article was helpful in trying to get through Williams' classic "Style: Toward Clarity and Grace" and in putting together talks on good writing.

  • An article that applies principles of cognitive science in explaining how to write complex scientific information clearly.


The collected "Points of View": Visual strategies for biological data

  • One of the most helpful resources when advising authors that the way they illustrate their concepts matters more than they can imagine. 


Policy and procedure documentation course from the organization, "Information Mapping" in MA 

  • A great resource on technical writing for both business and scientific contexts. Provides excellent instruction regarding information design and how to make content accessible. 


How to construct a Nature summary paragraph

  • A favorite writing resource! Although prescriptive, it is tremendously helpful for teaching new writers how to write good abstracts and, more generally, how to tell a scientific story. 


Breaking into the Conversation: How Students Can Acquire Authority for Their Writing by Gaipa, Mark in Pedagogy, Fall 2004, The Muse

  • This article presents a creative way of thinking about how to position writing (regardless of field) into the broader literature.


Authors’ Submission Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Getting Your Research Published by Chipperfield et. al.

  • Practical advice on preparing and submitting manuscripts, cover letters, and responses to reviewers. 


Purdue OWL

  • Great for different grammar questions


The Edge for Scholars blog


NORDP webinars 


Duke Graduate School Scientific Writing Resource 




Northwestern CLIMB site

  • This has videos on "5 Principles for Writing Readable Sentences" and "Creating Coherent Paragraphs". The tips for teaching students how to write are great, though text from real grants may be more helpful than the examples in the videos.

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